Fleet-Ready™ XLH™ Hybrid Electric and XLP™ Plug-in Hybrid Electric Upfits for Commercial

OEM Vehicle

The OEM’s powertrain (engine and transmission), and fuel and exhaust systems stay completely intact and unmodified. The OEM warranty also stays intact for customer peace of mind.

wdj traction motor
Traction Motor

Provides regenerative braking on vehicle deceleration, and electric assist on acceleration to help propel the vehicle, and save fuel.

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wdj motor drive
Motor Drive

Controls the current flow between the battery and the electric traction motor.

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wdj xllink
XL Link

Our proprietary XL Link™ technology provides a continuous data link from each hybrid vehicle to measure system performance.

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wdj battery pack
Battery Pack

In the XLH™ hybrid system, a 1.8  kWh lithium battery stores regenerative braking energy. In the XLP™ plug-in system, an over 15 kWh battery offers both regenerative braking and plug-in charging capacity.

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Revolutionary Simplicity for Hybrid Electric and Plug-in Hybrid Systems

XL industry leading connected fleet electrification HEV and PHEV technology and solutions are available on a wide range of new commercial fleet vehicles from Chevrolet, GMC, Ford, and Isuzu. We take tried-and-true OEM vehicles in commercial classes 2 through 6, and make them more fuel efficient and cleaner, while leaving the OEM powertrain – the engine, transmission, fuel and exhaust systems – completely intact. Our solutions offer a simple and easy way for major fleets to improve MPG without compromising operations.

Both our hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology transform an OEM vehicle into a hybrid vehicle by adding an electric motor, an advanced lithium-ion battery pack, and control software to the vehicle without making significant vehicle modifications or modifying the internal combustion engine or transmission.

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Hybrid Electric System

Saves fuel through regenerative braking, a process by which the electric motor helps slow the vehicle during braking, to charge the hybrid battery. Then, when the driver accelerates, the hybrid battery releases the stored energy to the electric motor, helping to propel the vehicle. Our proprietary hybrid controls make the electric motor assist smooth and seamless to the driver and passengers.

Powertrain Specifications

MPG Improvement* 25%
Lithium Ion Battery 1.8 kWh
Charging Regenerative Braking
System Weight 350-385 lbs based on product
Electronic Speed Governor Up to 85 MPH


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Chevy Express and GMC Savana
Cargo and Passenger Vans
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Ford E350/450 Cutaways
and Stripped Chassis
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Ford F-59 Super Duty
Stripped Chassis
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Plug-in Hybrid Electric System

Leverages our award-winning core electrification technology and provides ‘shared propulsion’ with the OEM powertrain to significantly improve MPG and deliver fuel savings. In addition to plug-in charging capabilities, the system features regenerative braking.

Powertrain Specifications

MPG Improvement* 50%
Lithium Ion Battery 15 kWh
Charging Level 1 (<12 hrs) or Level 2(<4hrs)
Plus Regenerative Braking
System Weight 700 lbs
Electronic Speed Governor Up to 80 MPH


Ford F-150 Pickup
(4x2 & 4x4 drivelines)
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Electrified Fleet Intelligence

Our proprietary, cloud-based, vehicle connectivity platform provides a continuous data link with fleet vehicles and analytics. Collecting millions of operational data points, XL Link provides actionable intelligence on fleet electrification, including speed, idling, vehicle drive cycle, and CO2 emissions reduction. XL Link offers the most accurate MPG measurement in the industry and provides fleet managers with an unprecedented understanding of their drivers’ vehicle charging behavior. XL Link is deployed in all fleet vehicles equipped with XLH or XLP systems and can also be installed as a standalone telematics solution.