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Introducing our first-ever hybrid system for the Ram 2500.

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The All-New XL Hybrid Electric Isuzu NPR-HD.

XL Fleet Acquires
World Energy
Efficiency Services.

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Sustainable Shuttle.

Introducing the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Ford F-550.

Plug-in Performance.

Now Available on Select
Chevrolet and GMC Fleet Models.

Electrify Your Fleet

Follow the Leader.

More Customers. More Miles. More Savings.

Electrify Your Fleet

Don’t Compromise.

All the Performance.
None of the Limitations.

Introducing the First

Plug-in Hybrid
Electric Ford F-250

Electrify Your Fleet

Go Green.

Reduce Emissions.
Meet Sustainability Goals.

Electrify Your Fleet

Save Money.

Increase MPG. Reduce Fuel Use.
Monitor Your Savings.

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Fleet-Ready Electrification Solutions

XL Fleet offers a comprehensive suite of fleet electrification solutions to accelerate your EV transformation.

The XL Hybrid system delivers up to a 25% MPG increase and a 20% reduction in CO2 emissions for Class 2-6 fleets*. Available on major OEM platforms, including Ford, Chevy, GM and Isuzu.

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The XL Plug-in system installs seamlessly onto Ford F-150 and F-250 pickup trucks, delivering up to a 50% MPG increase and a 33% reduction in CO2 emissions*. Performance, meet sustainability.

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XL Link provides fleets with actionable intelligence on their vehicle electrification metrics and emissions reduction summaries. It also alerts our service team if there's an issue.

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XL Grid provides a suite of charging and power solutions to support fleet electrification. It includes EVSE station equipment and data-driven site analysis, as well as onsite solar power, energy storage, and other power solutions.

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Leading the transition to fleet electrification with over 170 million miles driven... and counting.*

3 million+gallons of fuel saved
26,000+ metric tons of CO2 reduced
25,000+ hrsof driver productivity added

*Approximate cumulative mileage of all XL Fleet-equipped vehicles deployed since 2012. Data provided by on-board XL Link telematics systems.

Hybrid / Plug-in Hybrid Electric Upfits for Leading OEMs

XL Plug-in Hybrid System: Now for GM Fleet

XL’s award-winning plug-in hybrid electric drive system is now offered on Chevrolet and GMC fleet vehicles. It’s a perfect fit for fleets looking to make immediate progress on sustainability goals.

Vans, Buses, Box Trucks and More

XL hybrid electric upfits are available on a wide range of Ford/GMC/Isuzu Class 2-6 vehicles. Whether you’re hauling people, tools or freight, XL’s hybrid-upfitted trucks, vans and buses will get you there with less gas, less cost and less impact on the environment.

Sustainability Starts Here

Demand for hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric fleet vehicles has never been greater, thanks to their ability to deliver immediate sustainability value without today’s battery electric vehicle limitations. They’re not just a bridge to an all-electric future: they’re an accelerating technology to help fleets get there.

Fleet-Ready Electrification

All XL systems are Fleet-Ready. That means you’re getting all the financial and sustainability benefits of an electrified drivetrain with none of the performance losses, range concerns, or infrastructure limitations of an all-electric system. Best of all, the OEM warranty stays intact.

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