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Since 2009, XL has led the way in developing innovative hybrid electric drive systems that make sense for fleets – delivering significant mileage improvements and emissions reductions while sacrificing nothing in vehicle performance or fleet operations.

Over the past decade, commercial and municipal fleets across North America have responded enthusiastically to our solutions.  Fleet managers love the fuel savings and sustainability benefits.  Drivers love the versatility and performance.  And service managers love the untouched OEM warranties and 99% uptime of our systems.

It all adds up to the most customers, the most miles driven and the biggest overall environmental impact of any fleet electrification company.  Best of all, we’re just getting started.

Case Studies

cocacola logo

Coca - Cola

 th cs coke

Coca-Cola operates the largest heavy-duty hybrid electric delivery fleet in North America. The company is partnering with XL to upfit all new vans with the innovative XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System. After converting 280 service vans to hybrids and driving more than 9 million service miles, vehicles with the XLH Hybrid Electric Drive System showed an approximate 20% reduction in gallons of.

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Yale 72dpi 1K

Yale University increases fuel economy by 23% with the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System

 th cs yale

Yale University has benefited from increased driver productivity with higher miles driven per gallon. Plus, the “green” branding on its buses shows students and faculty that the university is committed to sustainable practices.

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logo montegomery county

Montgomery County, MD retrofits cargo vans to lower fuel costs and reduce carbon dioxide emissions

 th montgomery county

After installing XL technology, Montgomery County immediately increased fuel economy by 24% and reduced greenhouse gas emissions and its carbon footprint. The County anticipates a total annual savings of $1,540 per van – $15,400 for the 10-van fleet – based on reducing fuel consumption … 

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CityofBoston Logo

City of Boston achieves 28% improvement in miles driven per gallon with the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System

 th cs boston

In support of its commitment to replace older, inefficient vehicles with alternative vehicle technologies, the City of Boston upfit 13 Ford and GM vans and shuttles with the XLH Hybrid Electric Drive System and measures results through the XL Link™ wireless data connectivity system…

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logo seattleFD
Seattle Fire Department gains 23% increase in miles driven per gallon with the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System.

th cs seattle     XL Video Cover

The Seattle Fire Department recently upfit Ford E-450 ambulances with the XLH Hybrid Electric Drive System and are measuring results through the XL Link™ wireless data connectivity system.

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Logos AmeriPride Canadian Linen

XL delivers a 24% improvement in MPG to AmeriPride Services

Since 2013, AmeriPride Services, a leader in sustainable practices in the linen and uniform industry, has operated fleet service delivery vans equipped with XL technology. The hybrid electric vans have delivered a 24% improvement in MPG as well as reductions in CO2 and NOx, translating to nearly 4,500 gallons of fuel saved and a reduction of 40 metric tons of CO2.

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thyssenkrupp logo

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas adds hybrid conversion technology to company’s service fleet

ThyssenKrupp Elevator Americas recently added our hybrid technology to vehicles in the company's service fleet. The use of alternative fuels continues to reduce the company's environmental footprint. XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System has been added to ThyssenKrupp vehicles operating across the United States. The XLH system adds an electric motor, an advanced lithium ion battery pack, and sophisticated control...  

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pepsico logo

PepsiCo puts service vans with XL technology to the test on urban and semi-urban routes to boost gas mileage

Over the past few years, PepsiCo has been upgrading its support vehicle fleet – the trucks used to send out technicians and other personnel to service everything from foundations to coolers and vending machines. For the company’s metro, inner-city environment, PepsiCo has been rolling out XL upgraded service vans and seeing about a 19% fuel economy improvement in metropolitan areas...  

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libertyutilities logo

Several utility companies across the U.S. – including Liberty Utilities – are benefiting from the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System for their existing and new vehicles.

Liberty Utilities is a regulated water, natural gas and electric transmission and distribution utility serving nearly 500,000 customers in the U.S. In compliance with its Alternative Fueled Vehicle Strategy, Liberty recently introduced 11 service vans equipped with XL  Hybrid Electric Drive to its growing fleet of alternative-fueled vehicles. XL was chosen to complement other alternative fuel vehicles...  

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watkins logo

Watkins Heating & Cooling increases MPG by over 30% with the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System

“We anticipate getting a positive return on our investment in just over 2 years.   Plus, our technicians have more time to focus on customer service, while minimizing time on refueling the van. Improving the efficiency of our revenue producers is the main reason we are planning to transition our entire fleet to hybrid electric” …

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logo havard

Harvard cuts greenhouse gas emissions by nearly 22% with the XLH™ Hybrid Electric Drive System

Harvard University dramatically reduces fuel consumption on campus mail delivery routes. A review of the hybrid van’s on-road operational data showed a nearly 22% fuel and greenhouse gas emissions reduction over conventional cargo vans, yielding an annual C02 reduction of over one metric ton per vehicle per year…

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In the Field

article ufp
August 01, 2018
Utility Fleet Professional: CPS Energy Makes a Big Push into Truck Electrification

XL customer CPS Energy in San Antonio, TX is highlighted in this feature article from the August 2018 issue of Utility Fleet Professional.

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articke kdrv
June 25, 2018
KDRV Newswatch 12: Making Green By Going Green

Rogue Valley Transportation District in Medford, Oregon is already seeing savings after adding six hybrid vans to their fleet earlier this year. The hybrids have allowed RVTD to reduce pollution while saving taxpayers money on fuel and operating costs. ABC-TV Newswatch 12 interviewed RVTD’s Operations Manager, Tim D’Alessandro, to learn more.

article nafa
June 20, 2018
NAFA Webinar: XL and Seattle City Light discuss Seattle’s hybrid ambulance pilot

Levi Clark, CAFM, Sr. Automotive Engineer at Seattle City Light, discusses Seattle’s pilot program to introduce XL-equipped hybrid electric ambulances to help cut city emissions in half by 2025.  Learn more about Seattle’s hybrid ambulances in this clip from KOMO News.

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article nyc school bus
April 20, 2018
School Transportation News: NYC School Bus Contractor Careful Bus Retrofits to Hybrids

Hybrid bus retrofits are a great way to promote sustainability in urban areas.  Careful Bus of NYC is making the most of their hybrid bus systems from XL, and they were recently featured in School Transportation News.

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By increasing vehicle MPG, fleets can achieve a 20% reduction in fuel use with the XLH, and a 33% drop with the XLP. With fuel use reduction, along with lower brake maintenance and improved driver productivity, XL can help fleets achieve a positive payback without the need for government incentives.