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We keep it simple, starting with your order

At XL Fleet, we pride ourselves on keeping it simple for our customers – and that starts with the ordering process. There are many ways to order or learn more about our electrification systems for commercial and municipal fleets. The question is, which option works best for you?

Contact Your XL Sales Rep

XL Fleet has a team of regional sales managers who are ready to assist you throughout the United States. To get connected with the XL representative in your state, please:

Order Through Your Upfitter

XL systems can generally be installed in 6-10 hours through any member of our certified sales & installation partner network across North America. Contact us at to order through an upfitter near you.

Buy From Your Fleet Dealer

XL works very closely with our OEM partners, with established ship-thru codes with Ford, GM and Isuzu. When buying your vehicles, ask your fleet dealer about XL upfits and they can add them right to your order. If for any reason your dealer has a question, they can contact us directly.

Ask Your FMC

Many of the leading Fleet Management Companies have experience with XL electric drive systems. Ask yours about adding our hybrid electric upfits before placing your next order.

Check Your Network
You can also order through a range of state contracts, public fleet contracts, bus dealers and more. Ask your contacts wherever you normally buy your fleet vehicles about XL hybrid systems, and refer them to us if needed.
Become a Sales & Installation Partner

If you would like to learn more about becoming an XL Fleet Sales & Installation Partner, contact us:

American Made Technology

XL Fleet’s products are built, sourced and assembled in the US.

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