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March 19, 2019

CalVans Partners with XL to Green its Ride-Sharing Fleet

Deployment of 154 hybrid electric GMC vans is the largest of its kind in California.


BOSTON, March 19, 2019 - XL, the leader in connected vehicle electrification solutions for commercial and municipal fleets, today announces delivery of 154 hybrid electric (HEV) GMC Savana Cargo vans for California Vanpool Authority (also known as CalVans) to improve the fuel efficiency and sustainability of its agriculture transportation fleet. According to the company, the order represents the largest single hybrid electric van deployment in California history. The new vans offer clean and affordable transportation to seasonal agricultural workers, who often travel up to 85 miles each way to their job sites. 

Since 2001, CalVans has been working to reduce its total number of vehicle miles traveled annually, while also reducing greenhouse emissions. Over the last two years, CalVans has eliminated more than 218 million miles traveled and reduced greenhouse gas by approximately 120 metric tons through their CalVans vanpools. The company’s efforts will be elevated by incorporating hybrid electric vehicles into their Agricultural Industries Transportation Services (AITS) program, which provides qualified agricultural workers with safe, affordable transportation. The project, funded by the California Air Resources Board, is increasing access to zero-emission and near zero-emission transportation and mobility options for low-income residents.

CalVans expects to realize a 25 percent increase in MPG from its XL hybrid electric vans, compared to its standard gasoline-powered fleet vehicles, saving money on fuel costs while helping to achieve sustainability goals.

“CalVans is dedicated to improving air quality for communities most impacted by pollution by increasing access to clean transportation,” said Ronald Hughes, executive director of the California Vanpool Authority. “After exploring battery electric options, we quickly realized that upfitting our GMC Savana vans with XL’s hybrid electric technology would be the best option to help improve our MPG and reduce emissions in a cost-effective way.”

“GMC Savana passenger vans are well-known for their versatility, drivability and performance, making them the ideal fit for the rigors of daily transportation use,” said Heather Vu, van product manager, GM Fleet. “When combined with XL’s hybrid electric drive system, these vans can also help maximize fuel economy while reducing their carbon footprint for the communities in which they work.”

“Environmentally-conscious organizations throughout the country want to green their fleets without sacrificing vehicle reliability,” said Tod Hynes, founder and CEO of XL.  “With their XL-equipped GMC Savana vans, CalVans can realize their sustainability goals while performing a valuable service to their community.”

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