Tough on the job. Easy on the environment.

The rugged RAM 2500/3500 heavy duty pickups with superior hauling power are now available to be upfit with the innovative XLH hybrid electric drive system from XL Fleet. The result is a seamless way for fleets to reliably get the job done, while improving fuel economy and reducing CO2 emissions.

Proven Performance

Like all XL Fleet equipped vehicles, the XL Hybrid RAM 2500 / 3500 work trucks perform just like conventional RAM pickups, with heavy-duty hauling power and world-class dependability. Drivers continue to operate the vehicle they know and trust, while immediately lowering their carbon footprint.

Learn More About the XL Hybrid RAM

If you need to reduce your carbon footprint right away but don’t have the budget, drive cycles or infrastructure today to fully electrify, a hybrid system from XL Fleet can deliver. Whether you’re looking to electrify your existing or new vehicle fleet, our sales team is here to help. Complete the form on this page and we’ll show you how the road to sustainability can be smoother than you think.