Fleet-Ready Upfits:  Electrification Without Limits

Commercial and municipal fleets love their work trucks – but they also love saving money on fuel and reducing emissions. With a Fleet-Ready hybrid electric drive upfits from XL Fleet, you no longer need to choose between performance and sustainability – you’ll get both.

Proven Vehicles

XL systems are available on a wide variety of Class 2-6 vehicles from Ford, GM, and Isuzu. Instead of asking your drivers and service teams to deal with unproven or unfamiliar vehicles, hand them the keys to a time-tested favorite from a trusted manufacturer.

Unchanged Factory Warranties

In addition to our close partnerships with the major fleet vehicle OEMs who certify our work, XL systems are minimally disruptive to the original design of the vehicle. As a result, all factory OEM warranties remain intact.

Driver-friendly Performance

Let’s face it. Many all-electric and alternative fuel vehicles don’t get driven, because the trucks don’t perform the way drivers need them to. XL-upfitted vehicles offer the same great performance as the vehicles they’ve always relied on, but with lower fuel costs and fewer emissions.

Operational Consistency

Drivers and service teams love the fact that XL-equipped vehicles require no driver training and little to no operational changes from what they’re used to. There are no range concerns, drivability challenges or unusual service requirements.

A Wide Range of Fleet Applications

XL Fleet has electrified many of the most common commercial and municipal fleet applications today, with hybrid and plug-in hybrid electric drive solutions for vans, pickups, shuttle buses, delivery vehicles, stripped chassis, box trucks and more. Our systems are ideally suited for drive cycles with frequent acceleration and deceleration that are common among class 2-6 vehicles. Contact us today if you’re looking to improve fuel economy and reduce emissions in your stop-and-go routes!

wdj traction motor
Traction Motor

Provides regenerative braking on vehicle deceleration, and electric assist on acceleration to help propel the vehicle, and save fuel.

x 1
wdj motor drive
Motor Drive

Controls the current flow between the battery and the electric traction motor.

x 2
wdj xllink
XL Link

Our proprietary XL Link™ technology provides a continuous data link from each hybrid vehicle to measure system performance.

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wdj battery pack xlh
Battery Pack

In the XLH™ hybrid system, a 1.8  kWh lithium battery stores regenerative braking energy.

x 4
OEM Vehicle

The OEM’s powertrain (engine and transmission), and fuel and exhaust systems stay completely intact and unmodified. The OEM warranty also stays intact for customer peace of mind.


Simple, Sustainable Technology

Traditional gas-powered, commercial fleet trucks perform critically important work, but cause more pollution and burn more fuel than any other vehicles on the road. It’s a complex problem, but we take a simple approach to making those same vehicles cleaner, greener and more sustainable.

Both our hybrid and plug-in hybrid technologies transform a factory OEM vehicle into a more fuel-efficient hybrid, by adding an electric motor, an advanced lithium-ion battery pack, and control software. No other significant modifications to the vehicle are required, and no changes are made to the internal combustion engine or transmission.

XLH [logo]

Hybrid Electric System

The XL hybrid electric system is the best and simplest way for fleets to improve MPG and meet sustainability goals without compromising on operations or vehicle performance. The XLH system saves fuel and reduces emissions through regenerative braking, helping to slow down and propel the vehicle during normal drive cycles. The electric motor assist is smooth and seamless to the driver.

Powertrain Specifications

Lithium Ion Battery 1.8 kWh
Charging Regenerative Braking
System Weight 350-385 lbs. based on product
Electronic Speed Governor Varies by vehicle


Ford F-250 Pickup Download Specs »
Ford Transit Cargo and Passenger Vans Download Specs »
Chevy Express and GMC Savana
Cargo and Passenger Vans
Download Specs »
Ford E350/450 Cutaways
and Stripped Chassis
Download Specs »
GM 3500/4500 Cutaways Download Specs »
Isuzu NPR-HD Download Specs »


Zero Emission Propulsion

All electric propulsion is driving the future of transportation – and XL Fleet will be driving the future of all electric vehicles. We are currently developing a full electric platform that will power some of the most popular medium- and heavy-duty commercial vehicles on the road today. 



Power Management, Charging & Storage

XL Fleet is developing a comprehensive suite of charging and power management solutions to support all aspects of fleet electrification. Today, we can provide you with everything you need to deploy and charge your commercial plug-in vehicles, offering a range of level 1 and 2 EVSE station equipment to meet your infrastructure requirements. And we are already in the process of expanding that offering to meet the energy demands of the 21st century, with an exciting array of software, hardware and strategic partnerships to power a true Electrification as a Service solution.



logo XLlink sm

Electrified Fleet Intelligence

Our proprietary, cloud-based, vehicle connectivity platform provides a continuous data link with fleet vehicles and analytics. Collecting millions of operational data points, XL Link provides actionable intelligence on fleet electrification, including speed, idling, vehicle drive cycle, and CO2 emissions reduction. XL Link provides fleet managers with an unprecedented understanding of their drivers’ vehicle charging behavior. XL Link is deployed in all fleet vehicles equipped with XLH or XLE systems and can also be installed as a standalone telematics solution.

XLlink screenshots